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Sat Dec 15 19:14:41 UTC 2018

Here are the notes from today’s meeting 
Nfb meeting started at ten A. M. on December 15 2018. 
Attendees: Anna and Carleton Walker, Nick and Cordelia Peters, Hillary McFadden, Elyzabeth Medina, Matt Shore, Mark Pickens, and Gerry Curylo Ann Samsel.  Personal updates: none 
Secretary report: Carleton did the secretary report since Hillary wasn't here last time. 
Treasurer's report: Elyzabeth read the announcements for the checking and savings account balances for the treasury. Hillary got her signature in along with a copy of the photo Id. 
December presidential release: Board of directors of the nfb planned ahead for the year 2019. They had a Thanksgiving celebration. There was a record-breaking number of blind people who filled out the blind voter's survey. Nfb is working on fixing the 14 C. issue with disabled people not being prosperous in the work place. The 2019 Washington seminar starts January 28 2019. Deadline for teservations on hotel rooms is December 28 2018. A Christmas gift was delivered early to the nfb newsline program. It was an Amazon Echo. Nfb Chapters of Idaho, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky and Louisiana participated in contributing to the preauthorized contribution plan. Three new members joined the Dreammaker's circle. 
Customary endings: Raoul Gallevos and his best friend Stacy got married on October 26 2018. Michael Osman and Marie Brown got married in November. Mark Riccobono reflects on the accomplishments that have happened this year. 
Old business: Working on starting a Bell Academy close to Harrisburg Pennsylvania. The first dates of the volunteers of Bell academy are August fifth through the Ninth of August. 
New business: fundraising ideas: meat raffle. 
Motion to adjourn the meeting was at eleven fourty-nine A. M.  

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