[PACapitalChapter] Meeting location

mshore4977 at comcast.net mshore4977 at comcast.net
Mon Mar 11 18:16:56 UTC 2019

Good afternoon everyone!

Our next meeting is scheduled for this Saturday. Unfortunately, we still do not have a new location to hold our meetings. The last time Jerri contacted giant foods in Camp hill  they told him they had no room available this month but possibly next month. How would everybody feel about having our meeting at Strawberry Square in Harrisburg upstairs in the atrium? Strawberry Square is located directly across from the train station and it is on the bus routes which makes it a very accessible location. 

Of course President Walker will make all final decisions regarding location and time of meetings. However, it would be great to get as much feedback from members as possible. 
Matt Shore
717 649 4041

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