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> Subject: FW: Membership Services for PA March 7, 2019
> Hi Everyone,
> Thank you to everyone who was able to make the call last night.  I have forwarded some notes from last night, and later I will send the email from Julie McGinnity which answers some of the questions brought up.
> Take care,
> Denice
> From: Denice Brown [mailto:dbrown8827 at aol.com] 
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> Subject: Membership Services for PA March 7, 2019
> Attendance – Denice Brown, warren Knight, matt Shore,  Eugenio D’Oliveira,  Brian Mackey,Rosemary Freedman
> After the call Michelle McManus called Denice Brown
> The meeting began at 7:10pm
> Agenda
> Denice Brown discussed the items on the Connections Spread Sheet.Each column was discussed.  Denice shared the items below which gives a little more clarity to some items.
> Please use the template provided and do not create your own. This template was specifically designed to upload to the database.
> Each chapter is required to fill out the top section of the spreadsheet which includes the chapter and affiliate names, chapter president’s name, the month in which the membership year begins, amount of dues, and the meeting time and location. 
> Each member listed must have at least one form of contact information. This could be a phone number, email address, or street address. However, we would prefer that you provide as much contact information as you can gather.
> Please do not use abbreviations for yes and no. Write out the words in columns Q, S, and T.
> If you have your members’ birthdays available, please add them to the spreadsheet. However, you must write out the date including day, month, and year.
> Please remember that only dues-paying members belong on this spreadsheet. This is not for members who left two years ago or people who visit but haven’t  joined.
> After going over the sheet, a few questions came up.
> 1.      We are not supposed to use abbreviations, but in the column where you write the dates of membership, it seems as if the number of the month should be placed
> 2.      What is the appropriate format for the date of birth?March 1, 1990 or 1, March 1990
> 3.      Can you use abbreviations for Street, Boulevard, Lane, etc.
> 4.      For members who have joined for the first time, their name is on the spread sheet.  Once a new member sheet is done, will that duplicate a request for a medallion?
> 5.      Can we have a model of a full line of the spread sheet, so that we have an idea of what it should look like?
> After the Connection Sheets are submitted, chapters should enter any corrections, or updates as they arise.  Those updates should be emailed to the State President and to Julie McGinnity jmcginnity at nfb.org
> Denice Brown discussed the New Member ceremony that should begin.  In your ceremony new members should get voted in by the members.  The NFB Pledge and the One Minute Message should be recited.  National has new cards with the Pledge on one side in print and braille, with the One Minute Message on the other side in print and braille. 
> The meeting adjourned at 7:48pm

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