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Hello Elizabeth and other Capital Chapter members,

Regarding item #3, since this mailing list is hosted on NFB Net, anyone can subscribe to it on demand. Several options for how to subscribe are as follows:

1. A person can go to the following web page and enter their email address to subscribe to the PA Capital Chapter mailing list:

2. A person can send an email from the account they want subscribed to the following email address, with an empty body of the email and the word "subscribe" as the subject:
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There are other ways to subscribe people who are having trouble with the options above, but they should be used as last resorts.

I apologize for not getting Carol's email added to the list in a timely manner, but I did get it added yesterday. For faster response, please follow one of the options above for new members.

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Dear All NFB Capital Chapter Members,
How are you doing? Please read carefully as we need to address a few very important things and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
1. Our next meeting is on Saturday March 16, 2019 10am-12noon.
2. Matt, Jerri and Mark, thank you for your efforts on trying to find a location for our future meetings. I hope that for our next meeting, we can do it in person as we have a lot of things to discuss and to accomplish. Be aware that I never received a response back from the Camp Hill Giant after the information requested was faxed in order to use their community room.
3. How can we make it easier and quicker to add/update members to our email list? I am asking because Carole Cruise for the longest was not added and she was not receiving all information shared, I am not sure if she still is or not. However, it will be nice to know for future members.
4. Anna, Matt, and I went to a Leadership Seminar last weekend. We all learned good information that we can share with the rest of the members. I suggest we take 10 minutes during our next meeting to do so.
5. As a chapter, we should address the following points in order to make progress:
   - Membership, recruitment and retention
   - Speakers to be invited to our meetings
   - Make a decision on fundraising activities (we need to pick one or two and start doing them)
   - BELL Program (Are we ready for this year or the next?)

6. This passed weekend, I gave Mr. Antonacci, State Treasurer, the 2019 state dues for a total of $60 dollars. Carole and Matt, please remember to bring your $10 as I covered both your chapter and state dues.
7. I still have tickets for the Annual April Riffle Lottery Tickets. I am asking for your contribution as members since I already sold most of them. However, if each one of you buy one it will be helpful. They are $5 dollar a piece.
8. This last point is very important. The State Board is in the process of gathering and updating information on all NFB of PA members. It is important to maintain a database of chapters, divisions and their members. Therefore, they are requesting information valuable and necessary for demographic purposes. Our chapter president will be gathering that information unless she advise differently.

Thank you for your time and collaboration.

Elizabeth Medina Rivera(717) 330-3062ely26m at yahoo.com
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