[PACapitalChapter] Convention Registration Deadline Approaching

Joseph Drenth joe.drenth at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 17:47:37 UTC 2020

If you would like to participate in our National Federation of the Blind of
Pennsylvania 2020 state convention in person or virtually, please register
online as soon as possible using the following link:
Since we will be using an electronic voting system for the elections and
other votes taken at the convention, everyone who wishes to vote must
register for the convention by October 24, which is two weeks from today.
This deadline is required because we need to compile a list of all eligible
voters and provide it to the voting system several weeks before the actual
convention. To be eligible to vote during our convention, you will need to
register with the convention and then provide us with the phone number from
which you will be casting your vote. You will be able to cast your vote by
either texting your choice to a special number or by calling that special
number and entering your selection through the automated answering system.
This is similar to how voting took place during the National Convention this
past summer. Additional information about voting will be sent to those who
register for the convention.
Also, we are requiring that people register for the convention in order to
be authorized to listen to the virtual stream of the convention's board
meeting, general sessions, banquet, and Sunday morning meeting. Additional
convention sessions might be streamed, but those listed above are the
sessions that will be streamed for certain at this point. 
Again, please do not hesitate to register for our convention using the
following link:
If you want to learn more about our convention, such as where the hotel is
located and a general outline of the schedule, please visit our main
convention page using the following link:
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly using the
following email address:
vp at nfbp.org <mailto:vp at nfbp.org> 
Thank you very much,
Joseph Drenth 
First Vice-President, National Federation of the Blind of Pennsylvania
Convention Chair, NFB of Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania State Board of Vocational Rehabilitation
Senior R&D Software Engineer, JBT Corporation, Automated Systems Division
Cell: 215-827-7787
Email: joe.drenth at gmail.com <mailto:joe.drenth at gmail.com> 

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