[PACapitalChapter] Regarding Disparaging Emails Sent to NFB of PA Mailing Lists

Joseph Drenth joe.drenth at gmail.com
Fri Jul 16 13:23:24 UTC 2021

On behalf of the NFB of Pennsylvania Board of Directors:
We would like to address recent negative remarks sent to our NFB of
Pennsylvania mailing lists.
Disparaging members and Federal representatives is not acceptable.  We are a
wonderful group of diverse peoples, experiences and ideas, who have united
to move blind initiatives forward.
Congresswoman Dean serves as one of the few women leaders for our state at
the Federal level.  She sits on several caucuses, committees and
subcommittees.  These include the Equality Caucus, Bi-partisan Women's
Caucus, the House Judiciary Committee and the Civil Rights and Civil
Liberties subcommittees.
During the previous congressional session, Congresswoman Dean supported all
three of our pieces of legislation including Access Technology Affordability
Our Civil Servants at the Federal level represent all of their constituents,
even those of opposing ideas.  To state otherwise or to insinuate staffers
are not doing their work is not fair and very irresponsible.
Advocacy, as we all know, can be a long an arduous process that at times is
out of our control. The pandemic has driven that point home.
With our affiliate tenacity and constituent members doing their part, we
will continue our work.
Again, with everyone's help and positivity, we have 10 co-sponsors for the
Access Technology Affordability Act.  We hope Congresswoman Dean will
support us again in this effort!
Negative comments about someone, whether an elected official or any other
person, usually results in creating an enemy that is unlikely to be turned
into a friend at a later date. Asserting negativity and division on the NFB
of PA public mailing lists is potentially harmful to our members, our
affiliate, and our advocacy actions. It can potentially go against our Code
of Conduct.  If you feel you have been negatively impacted by members'
actions, please contact any or all of the state affiliate leaders directly.
The NFB of Pennsylvania Board of Directors

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