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Sat Mar 20 22:09:54 UTC 2021

Meeting Notes Saturday 3-20-21

Happy First day of Spring!

Meeting held virtually on Zoom 215-988-0888 using password 123321

Meeting began: 10:03 am
Meeting ended: 12:01 pm

Jason Polansky, Tim McCarthy, Carlton Walker, Rebecca McCarthy, Mark Pickens, Jerry Curello, Christine Callahan, Hillary McFadden, Lynn Heitz, Emily Gindelsberger, Carole Cruise
-We were joined by the Keystone Chapter for a double meeting. It was a pleasure to participate with them!

Harriet Go, President of Keystone Chapter made some general announcements:
1. Reminder to say your name and wait to be acknowledged before going ahead with a comment or question.
2. Keep microphones muted unless speaking to avoid background noise.
3. There is a newly formed Blind Parents Group that will meet at 7pm on the third Saturday of the month. Tonight 3-20-21 is their 1st meeting.

Jason began Capital Chapter Meeting
-Jason shared that the Leadership Seminar held last weekend in State College was successful and a good source of information on being aware of possible obstacles to recruiting new members and great ideas to help build chapter membership. An open Board meeting was held on Saturday afternoon.
-Lynn advised Jason to send an email to her requesting funds from Panera gift card fundraiser to be transferred to Capital Chapter account.
-Secretary’s report was read by Carole Cruise
-Treasurer’s report was read by Carlton Walker. Carlton had emailed all details of treasurer’s report earlier in the week to all Capital Chapter members.
-Presidential release #503 from 3-1-21 was played for the chapters.
-Guest Speaker today: Maggie Felton a RN from Vanda Pharmaceuticals spoke about a condition called Non 24. It is associated with sleep disorders which are fairly common among the blind o visually impaired especially those with no light perception. Our bodies create sleep cycles based on the light from the sun & moon which are signals in our environment to our brain. Her suggestions were:
1. Keep a sleep diary to show patterns in your sleep.
2. Consult with your pcp to get a diagnosis.
3. There are many sleep aids to try and prescription medications to help.

Maggie gave her phone number 202-579-8035 and email address maggie.felton at vandapharma.com and offered to answer any questions you may have about non24.

Harriett Go began Keystone Chapter meeting at 11:25am

-Secretary’s report read
-Treasurer’s report read

Old Business: fundraising
-White Cane Coffee giving 10% commission on any sales made using Keystone link.
-Brailling Job- new facility needs Brailled labels to place around their building. They will make donation to chapter. Harriett asked for volunteers to do the brailling and help with applying labels.
-planning a trivia/game night fundraiser. Need volunteers to create questions in different categories.

-Lynn Heitz gave a recap of Leadership Seminar held last week. Another one is scheduled for March 2022.
-Lynn reminded us of NFB Student Division Piano Bar event next Saturday 3-27-21 at 7pm. Cost is $5.00
-Lynn said to make sure Presidential Release is played at every chapter meeting.
-Emily Gindesperger shared various legislative information from Washington Seminar.

Meeting ended at 12:01pm

Reminder: our next Capital Chapter meeting is Saturday April 17, 2021 at 10am.

Respectfully submitted:
Carole Cruise, Secretary
Capital Chapter

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