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Hello everyone,
Forgot to mention this in our meeting last weekend.
Please let me know if anyone is interested in some coupons.
If so, I will make sure Brian sends them out to you.


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Greetings to all,

The state affiliate has registered in this year’s Friends Helping Friends
event held by Boscov’s. Registered nonprofit organizations participating in
the event sell shopping passes, worth $5 each, to friends, family,
coworkers, etc. to be used at any Boscov’s location on a particular day.
This year’s shopping day is Wednesday, October 20. Shoppers will need to
show the shopping pass to receive event related discounts on their

Here are the discounts for the event:

25% Off the following departments:

- Ladies Apparel and Accessories

- Maternity

- Handbags

- Ladies, Mens and Childrens Shoes

- Mens Apparel and Accessories

- Ladies and Mens Coats, Lingerie, Robes, Sleepwear, Bras and Panties

- Childrens Apparel

- Girls and Boys Apparel

- Juniors Apparel

- Young Mens Apparel

- Candy and Cards

- Trim-A-Home

- Bridge Jewelry and Fashion Jewelry

15% Off the following departments:

- Cosmetics and Fragrances

- Fine Jewelry

- Watches

- Domestics

- Luggage

- Housewares

- Flatware

- Dinnerware

- Glassware

- Curtains and Drapes

- Lamps

- Home Décor

- Pet Gifts

- As Seen On TV

- Furniture

- Recliners

- Mens and Ladies Athletic Footwear

- Halloween

- Large Area Rugs

- Mattresses

- Boscov’s Optical

- Boscov’s Hearing Aid Center

- Boscov’s Salon Products

The only expense that the affiliate will incur for this event is mailing
out the passes to the chapters to sell. The participating chapters will
need to send a check to me for $5 per pass they want to sell.

For a listing of Boscov’s stores located in PA, please visit the following


Please note that the passes can not be sold on store property or in the
stores themselves. So be creative with selling the passes.

My mailing address is:

33 Merganser Drive

Sinking Spring, PA 19608

*Brian A. Mackey*
Brian A. Mackey
Owner, Mackey Enterprises, LLC
Treasurer & Webmaster, National Federation of the Blind of Pennsylvania
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Connecticut, & Arkansas
Webmaster, National Federation of the Blind DeafBlind Division and National
Federation of the Blind Seniors Division
Webmaster & Interim Secretary, Middle Atlantic Blind Golf Association
Member, NFB Membership Committee
Bmackey88 at gmail.com

“Happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay the price to make
those dreams come true”
      *-Vince Papale*

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