[Perform-talk] Hike in Red River Gorge, KY on “H E A R and There Audio Magazine”

DAVE UHLMAN duhlman at msn.com
Tue Jul 7 07:16:38 UTC 2009

Hike in Red River Gorge, KY on “H E A R and There Audio Magazine”

On Tuesday H&T has 2 different episodes on 2 stations. The first episode is part 1 of a hike through Red River Gorge, Land of Arches, in Kentucky, USA.  The second episode is part 2 of the hike.
H&T can be heard all over the world on the below listed internet radio stations.  Come to the website to get links and times in your area.  
On the Global Voice I walk through Red River Gorge.  To me this is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  This is part 1 where I walk along describing the cliffs and I discover SILENCE!  Whatever that is? 
The Global Voice  http://hearandthere.net/Schedule.aspx 
 Check the schedule on the homepage links for other time zones.
Tuesday                Eastern US 5:30 pm      UTC 21:30 
Tuesday                Eastern US 10:00pm     UTC 2:00  Wednesday  
Wednesday          Eastern US 2:30 am      UTC 6:30 
Saturday               Eastern US 8:00 am      UTC 12:00 
On ACBradio is part 2 of the hike at Red River Gorge.  This time I get lost, can I think my way out of it, or do I get lucky? Tune in and find out.
ACB Radio Mainstream  http://hearandthere.net/Schedule.aspx 
Check the schedule on the ACB homepage for other time zones.
Eastern US time. 
Monday 11:00 P.M 
Tuesday, 2:00 A.M 
Tuesday, 5:00 A.M 
Tuesday, 8:00 A.M 
Tuesday, 11:00 A.M 
Tuesday, 2:00 P.M 
Tuesday, 5:00 P.M 
Tuesday, 8:00 P.M   
Check out the other program downloads at the H&T website.  http://hearandthere.net/Schedule.aspx 
See ya somewhere,   Dave Uhlman

Dave Ühlman
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duhlman at msn.com
website  http://hearandthere.net/default.aspx
Hear and There is now carried on internet radio. Check the Broadcast Schedule at http://hearandthere.net/Schedule.aspx
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