[Perform-talk] Come Listen To NFB Members Show Case Their Talents

David Dunphy djdrocks4ever at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 18:25:39 UTC 2009

Hello There!
Please feel free to send this to anyone you know who was in the NFB's show case of talent show in Detroit or to anyone you think would want to know about this!
Join Radio360 and the Performing Arts Division Of The National Federation Of The Blind as we present to you The National Federation Of The Blind Show Case Of talent For 2009 tonight, Saturday, July 18, 2009 starting at 8 PM eastern time!
What you'll be hearing is the talent show that occurred at this year's national convention in Detroit. Come listen to some tell stories, others make you laugh, and even have some sing and/or play musical instruments.
It's a great way to kick back, have a nice snack or dinner, and be entertained by your fellow NFB federationists if you're in the NFB, or by talented blind people from across the country.
As stated above, the fun begins at 8 PM eastern this evening on Radio360.
So come find out what some of us were lucky enough to hear live at the convention on July 7. You can do this by saving this email, and at 8 PM eastern, going to
and there will be a link on that page for you to select how you'd like to listen to the show, and then to connect to the program. And if you come in before 8, you can hear our performing arts division president Dennis and his show Pop Tops!
So join the fun tonight at
starting at 8 PM eastern. On behalf of Radio360 and the performing arts division, we hope to see you there tonight!
Best regards,
David Dunphy, Station Manager for Radio360

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