[Perform-talk] Special Announcements Regarding The Djd Invasion

David Dunphy djdrocks4ever at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 09:34:55 UTC 2009

Hello To All!
I won't make this too long, but I am here to make some exciting announcements regarding The Djd Invasion.
1. First off, the web site has been tweaked slightly. The basic look and feel are the same, but I've changed the way archives are accessed, as well as your listening options (see below for more info on those options). To see the web site, head on over to
2. Your options for listening to my show have changed. Here's now what you get:
2A. The windows media player links for listening have been taken down for good, and will not be put back under any circumstances. Media Player is terrible!!!
. What they have been replaced with is a customized desktop player designed for The Djd Invasion.
This player will play all of my shows without any hitches or problems. Simply save the player file to a place on your computer where you can easily find it. Then, when it's time for the show to start, simply click on the saved file, and the stream will begin to play without any problems. I'm working on creating an installer for the player so you can just install it and have a shortcut to it in your programs menu or on your desktop, but that will come soon.
Should I decide to do a special show on a special server, you need not update or change anything regarding your player. Just click on it, and the player will always know where to go. It will not work when a live Djd Invasion show is not on the air. The player will not interfere with I tunes or any other software you may use for playing mp3s and such. It's a windows program only.
2B. You can optionally use our browser-based shoutcast web player that uses flash to deliver the stream to you. Flash works on nearly 100 percent of browsers including those designed for the mac, so if you don't want to install anything new, this will be an alternative way for you to check out the program, since flash is installed on most computers.
2C. You still have the option of using your own default media player to check out the shows, but the desktop player or the flash player are the best chances of getting in to listen without problems.
Links to listen will appear on the main page at show time, and will be given out to mailing list subscribers before the show. You can also visit the downloads page on my site to grab your copy of the desktop player. A link to subscribe to my mailing list can be found on the main page too.
3. The Loyal Listeners Club is coming back better than ever. A new system will be in place possibly for determining who becomes a member. Check the news frame on the site for details.
4. Stay tuned to your email and watch out, for another big announcement concerning The Djd Invasion is not far away. All I can say is that soon you'll have your very own musical jukebox where you can control the music. Details coming soon.
Hope everyone likes the new changes, and enjoys this week's up coming show!
Best regards,
David, A.K.A Djd, host of The Djd Invasion

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