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Wed Mar 11 19:00:09 UTC 2009

Hi Friends,
I ran across the following query on the HARO (Help a Reporter Out) list,
and thought some of you might want to weigh in on it or pass it on.  As
usual, the writer doesn't even include people with disabilities.  Maybe
we can let her know we're out here and experiencing job discrimination
as much or more than other groups.

Please remember that I am just passing this on to you.  I don't know the
Take care,
Donna Hill
Summary: "Diversity Awareness 101"

Category: General

Name: Shelley Bluejay Pierce


projectindigenous at yahoo.com

Title: Journalist/Author

Media Outlet/Publication: Book and magazine

Anonymous? No

Specific Geographic Region?  No

Region: International

Deadline: 5:00 PM MOUNTAIN - March 27


"Seeking input across all sectors to the 4 questions below for a

book as well as magazine inclusion. Responses from individuals of

an ethnic or cultural group/s who have endured misunderstandings or

lost work promotions due to the lack of cultural understanding are

needed. Responses by business leaders who creatively bridged the

"diversty gaps" within their workforce and/or company leadership

also may offer their suggestions. These are the types of

individuals we seek for their input into this book. Yes, the topic

is broad but then, so is the "diversity" issue in general. The

questions below are a place to get you started in thinking about

how YOU view these topics vs. how a particular culture or ethnicity

may view these same topics entirely differently.

1. Do you think minority individuals understand the value of money?

2. Does diversity affect the American dream?

3. Will the new administration help or hinder the growth of

cultural awareness?

4. Does diversity awareness help minorities get better paying jobs?

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