[Perform-talk] Urgent Help Needed!

Marion & Martin swampfox1833 at verizon.net
Thu Nov 5 11:07:47 UTC 2009

Dear All,
    As I have written in the past, I am preparing to release my newest album on November 15. I am wanting to have a multimedia CD containing annotated liner notes along with the audio files. We are having a frustrating time accomplishing this task, as all of the burning software we have tried seem to change the file saving format from CDA to wave files when the PDF files are saved. Irrelevant of accessibility issues (I have a sighted person working on this) can anyone help us out? Time is of the essence, as we have a deadline to meet of tomorrow, since the release concert has been heavily marketed for 11/15! If you can help, would you either write to me off-list to
SwampFox1833 at verizon.net
or give me a call at 813-626-2789? Your help is greatly appreciated!

Fraternally yours,

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