[Perform-talk] Learn About Two Accessible Games For The Blind And More On Tonight's Djd Invasion

David Dunphy djdrocks4ever at gmail.com
Sun Nov 8 18:59:27 UTC 2009

Hi All!
What makes it possible for a blind person to fix pipes in a city's underground system?
What allows for that same person to jump over sewer lids, moving barels while avoiding steam and electricity?
Or maybe you just want to dig through a trashcan or have a little drink of sewer water.
You can find out how all this can be accomplished on tonight's Djd Invasion, for in addition to this evening's usual musical variety and phone calls, I'll be giving a brief demonstration of two games from BSC Games. The web site for this company is
One is Classic Pipe 1.0, and its younger brother Pipe 2 Blast Chamber!
Hear their differences. Find out what makes one tick and the other tock.
And if you're a sighted person and have never seen how an accessible game for the blind works, then you're in for an entertaining treat tonight!
The fun begins at 7 PM eastern time, and lasts approximately four hours. We've got music, the game demonstrations, an exciting bit of information Will of The WDJm3 show wants to share, and so much more...
During tonight's show, you can interact with me and my other co-hosts
By email, msn messenger or aol instant messenger at the address
live at radio360.us
Or when we're not playing songs, your phone calls are welcome by phone by dialing
or by skype at the address
So throw down the TV remote, forget about the football, and join us for four hours of entertainment that is tonight's Djd Invasion. To join, save this email, and at any time between 7 and 11 PM eastern tonight, go to
and let Djd invade your life, home and computer speakers. Hope to see you all there!
Best regards,
David Dunphy, host of The Djd Invasion On Radio360

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