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*Holiday sales plummet for Blind Recording Artists: Access for Blind Net 
Surfers Blocked by CDBaby 
<http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/view/129254> *


/November 18, 2009/

    When the online indie music store CDBaby launched its new site in 
July, they encountered many problems -- not the least of which is that 
they removed features which made the site accessible to blind consumers 
and recording artists. CDBaby doesn't intend to address the 
accessibility issues until after the holiday season. Struggling blind 
recording artists and their fans have been speaking out for months, but 
have received little satisfaction from the company. Comments from CDBaby 
illustrate how little even professional programmers know about the 
accessibility issues. Blind recording artists are expecting a slow 
holiday season, which will impact non-profits like the Performing Arts 
Division of the National Federation of the Blind as well as struggling 
blind and sighted musicians.

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