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It is time for our seasonal news update.  Most of you already know what's in this news update, but this will give you an chance to see it all at once. 

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Greetings to all members.


As you may notice, we have cut back on the amount of seasonal news updates.  We will try and send out 2 per year unless there is allot going on. 


At this year's convention, we raised enough money to open the Mary Anne Parks Performing Arts Scholarship.  The scholarship application went online in September.  It is a $1000 scholarship, and the winner will be brought to the convention on division expense.  Please visit our website at www.padnfb.org and download the application.  The deadline is March 31, 2010.  The convention dates are from July 3 to 8, 2010 in Dallas TX.


In September, board member Lori Hunter stepped down from her seat and the president appointed Jordie Stringer from Indiana to finish her term witch ends in July 2010.  After such time, the seat will become open for the 2010 performing arts elections.  


In August, the division was notified that Darian Smith from California wanted to put together a state division of the performing arts.  Soon, Derrick Tuff from Georgia started doing the same, and board member Jordie Stringer was looking into the same for Indiana and Ohio.  Board members Gary Kammerer and Anthony Evans spoke to the Maryland state convention about such efforts in that state.  Soon the division will release a downloadable package to help other states put together performing arts groups.  So far, the president has been helping California and Georgia in this effort. 


It came to the attention of the division that the online music store CDBaby recently became inaccessible by the blind.  Some people started writing letters to CDBaby, and the performing arts president wrote and faxed a letter as well.  CDBaby said that the site is now using a flash system witch makes certain parts of the site difficult to use with a screen reader.  Donna Hill from the PAD's media office posted an article on the American Cronical website about this issue.  The division will continue to monitor this issue.


The division has started reaching out to people using social network sites.  Gary Kammerer has been made the social network manager and the division now has a Twitter page, a Facebook page, and we have also started updating our Myspace page.  Thanks to the initiatives of board member Saria Chatters, the division has now included public speakers as part of what we cover.  The division feels that public speaking is an art form, and will seek to amend the constitution in 2010.


The division will soon begin the first of what could be regular town hall meetings.  These town hall meetings will be held via conference call, and will allow members and interested parties to talk to the leadership and kick around ideas, and help guide the division.  If there is enough interest, the meetings will happen on a regular basis.  The first of these meetings may happen in December.  


The president of the division is going through a name change.  Since he has been in office he has been Dennis Sumlin Holston, but starting around December 2 or so, he will become Dennis H.R. Sumlin.  He is changing his name due to family events.  Many division related material with his name on it has already been changed over.


If you have any issue that you want the division to address, please contact us at perform at padnfb.org or go to our website at www.padnfb.org and go to the contact page.  You can contact president Sumlin at DHolston at nyc.rr.com



Dennis H.r. Sumlin, President

Beth Allred, Secretary, 

Performing Arts division.  


Dennis H.R. Sumlin.
President: Performing Arts Division of the National Federation of the Blind.
(347) 875-7469 
President: Westchester chapter of New York State.
Artist Recruitment Specialist: The Visionary Media Company

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