[Perform-talk] Come One Come All For The Feel Good Edition Of The Djd Invasion Radio Show On Radio360 Tonight

David Dunphy djdrocks4ever at gmail.com
Sun Nov 29 16:51:29 UTC 2009

Hi All!
So, Thanksgiving is done. You've had a nice weekend/vacation with friends and family, and now, Oh No! It's time to go back to work, the fun is over!
Instead of grumbling about how terrible it is to have to go back to work on Monday, why not head on into Monday on a high note. That's where The Djd Invasion comes in!
Join me and my wacky cast of characters tonight on Radio360 at any time between 7 PM eastern and 11 PM eastern for The Feel Good Edition of The Djd Invasion.
All the music will be upbeat, or the songs will be about good things. The nice things like falling in love..To some sounds of the season sprinkled in with some comedy, some country, and maybe a vintage 80's tune or two thrown in for good measure!
And you can participate in the show yourself. Comments may be sent to me during the show by email, msn messenger, or aol instant messenger at the address
live at radio360.us
or, when the lines are open, you'll be allowed to call in by dialing
or you can skype in at the address
I know some friends of mine right now need some cheering up, so if going back to work is getting you down, and you could use some cheering up yourself, then come join The Djd Invasion presentation tonight. Save this email, and at any time between 7 PM eastern and 11 PM eastern, go to
select the listening option that works best for you, and rock out Djd style!
Hope to see you there!
Best regards,
David Dunphy, host of The Djd Invasion

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