[Perform-talk] Carly Smithson Interview On Tonight's Djd Invasion

David Dunphy djdrocks4ever at gmail.com
Sun Aug 22 14:50:31 UTC 2010

Greetings All!
If there's one Djd Invasion show you check out this summer, let tonight's show be it!
In addition to the usual things you've come to expect from our shows, we have a guest co host and two amazing interviews/presentations!
The fun begins at 8 PM eastern, and will feature
Our usual variety of songs including some new music and tunes with uplifting messages and positive lyrics
An interview I was lucky enough to be able to conduct with the sixth place contestant from 2008's American idol Carly Smithson, now lead singer for the band We Are The Fallen
While We Are The Fallen may not be familiar to some, you probably remember Evanescence, right? Well, they are now known as We Are The Fallen and Carly is their new singer.
And as if this isn't enough to write home about, we'll be doing a review of the Orange County California pop/rock band Melee's latest album "The Masquerade" including hearing some words from two of the band's members. For more info on Melee, visit their site at
During tonight's show, if you wish to get in touch with me and my co hosting team, you may do so by email, aol instant messenger, or msn messenger at the address
liveradio at shockwaveradio.net
through skype at the address
via twitter by following
or by phone by calling
This should be a very special show, featuring some great entertainment and some awesome music from two talented bands, so to be part of this evening's special show, save this email, and at any time between 8 PM eastern and midnight, log on to
or listen by phone by calling
and selecting Option 1 from the menu.
The Carly Smithson interview will start at approximately 8:30PM eastern with the Melee presentation to commence some point in the second hour.
I cannot wait for you to hear these two great presentations! Hope you'll be there to check them out!
Best regards,
Djd, host of The Djd Invasion on ShockWaveRadio, the driving force of entertainment on the internet

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