[Perform-talk] PEOPLE NEEDED from across USA for SURVEY]

Donna Hill penatwork at epix.net
Mon Feb 1 16:35:09 UTC 2010

Hi Friends,

Visually impaired people are needed for the below survey. There is some 
compensation involved.
Donna Hill
Washington University in St Louis , Missouri is looking for participants 
from through out the country to participate in a web survey for people 
with mobility or vision and / or hearing impairments. Please consider 
helping in this project as there is also a gift certificate available 
for all those willing to help. Please read below and share  this info 
with others who may be interested.
Web Survey
   If you have a sensory impairment and/or mobility impairment, you may 
be eligible to participate in a new research project.  This research 
aims to understand what people with sensory and/or mobility impairments 
do in their daily life, how their environment affects their community 
participation and what, if any, help they need to complete these activities.

You will be asked to complete a web-based assessment that contains a set 
of two surveys and will take approximately one hour to complete.  All 
information will be kept confidential and no connection between you and 
your survey answers will be made.  Participants will be reimbursed by 
either a personal check or by a gift certificate to either Target or 
Walgreens, and may choose the method of reimbursement they prefer.   
You can access information about the Community Participation Study 
through the link shown below.  Within this recruitment advertisement is 
a link to our pre-screener for people requesting participation in the 


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