[Perform-talk] piano advice

Sarah sarahandfamily at live.com
Wed Feb 3 22:44:02 UTC 2010

        Hello. I recently sold my Yamaha digital piano because it sounded like a machine rather than an instrument. I would prefer to purchase either an acoustic piano or a digital piano that has all the bells and whistles. If I purchase a Roland or Yamaha digital piano that does everything, will accessibility be an issue? Is the touch screen required to use these instruments? I am considering the Roland RM-700 and the Yamaha CVP500 series. Do these models sound like a machine, or more natural? I have always had a problem with timing unless I am playing with someone else. I do just fine on slow songs, but I do not know what fills to add to play fast songs. This is one reason I am considering another digital piano. Would my best option be to purchase an acoustic piano? Any information would be greatly appreciated. thank you. 

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