[Perform-talk] a music question

Brad Dunse brad at braddunsemusic.com
Wed Jan 6 21:46:25 UTC 2010

One way would be to hook up with a local songwriting group, or jingle 
writers who need vocal tracks. Often times they sing their own 
vocals...  because jingle writers usually have to work under fast deadlines 
and under more pressure to turn them around. They often are one stop shops, 
multi-instrumentalists and vocalists, but not always. There is a clearing 
house  web site that  one jingle writer I know posts his stuff to. I'll try 
to find it for you and you can contact the  submitters from there if 
there's a way to do so. Meanwhile I would get started on a portfolio of 
your vocal samples if you don't have it, so when you contact someone and 
they ask for samples you can turn them on to a web site or send them MP3s 
or a CD.

Hope this helps.


At 03:36 PM 1/6/2010, you wrote:
>     Hello. I would like to have a career singing jingles. How do you go 
> about getting into this field? Thank you.
>     Sarah
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