[Perform-talk] NFB files civil rights complaint against Penn State

Donna Hill penatwork at epix.net
Sun Nov 21 22:32:21 UTC 2010

Hi Friends,
I haven't seen anything about this on any other NFB lists, but the 
following is a link to an Associated Press article on Penn Live about 
the NFB's claim that Penn State is discriminating against blind students 
and faculty.

Interestingly, in the 10 comments on the site, a disturbing subject 
comes up several times. People think the NFB may have jumped the gun and 
  are doing this as a first resort without first trying to work out the 
problem in some less formal way. One suggested that it's just an attempt 
by the NFB to get publicity. Another student demonstrates a lack of 
understanding of blindness, when writing that he/she wouldn't go to Penn 
State if he/she were blind, because the campus is too big, and it takes 
too long to walk to class.

I think this demonstrates a need to do more to get our message out to 
the public. As you all may know, I write about NFB/blindness issues for 
Suite 101. I would be happy to talk to anyone with first-hand knowledge 
about what's going on at Penn State.
Donna Hill
penatwork at epix.net

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