[Perform-talk] OT: help with Jaws & Outlook/Thunderbird

Donna Hill penatwork at epix.net
Thu Apr 14 17:43:14 UTC 2011

Hi All,
I've been having major problems with Jaws and Thunderbird, which was 
working fine until a few months ago. It's crashing a lot and whenever I 
do anything like open a message, move around in the message list or try 
to save something, there's a long period of time (90 seconds or more) 
when Jaws won't say a word. My sighted husband sees no pop ups or 
anything that would be blocking Jaws access to the program.

Anyway, though I used to love my Thunderbird, I am now trying to get 
Outlook 2003 to work. I've imported my address books (sideways through 
Outlook Express) and set up two of my accounts. One major problem is 
that I can't figure out how to switch from one account to the other in a 
new message. In Thunderbird, there's a From field with a combo box 
containing each account, but I can't find anything in Outlook.

I'd appreciate any advice. This is taking up all of my time. BTW, if it 
matters, I'm now using Jaws 12 with XP. I had the same problems with 
Jaws 9 and 11. I tried re installing the latest Thunderbird from the web 
(3.19) and Jamal Mazuri's scripts for Thunderbird, which didn't help.


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