[Perform-talk] This week's tcjwb on tffp radio. come one come all

Sarah Alawami marrie12 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 02:32:29 UTC 2011

Hello to all.

I hope you all had a glorious week. I changed the method of archiving so it should be a bit more  smooth. Ok Let me know if it is more confusing. the blogspot link will still remain the same though.

Ok tomorrow we will hopefully be hearing some vivaldi and some bach brandonburg concertos. and more.

Info is below. 
place: http://onj.me/tcjwb
time: 9-11 pm eastern, 8-10 pm eastern, 7-9 mountain, and 6-8 pm Pacific

contact info
twitter: http://twitter.com/tcjwb
Messengers will be hopefully coming soon.

If you need to contact me off air  contact me here.
or here.

See you there.

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