[Perform-talk] Talent Show?

Kevin Reeves lists at kevinreeves.net
Fri Apr 29 06:31:14 UTC 2011

Hey everyone. I think what has happened here in this discussion is the comparison of apples and oranges. Complaints have arisen about the recording quality of the show. Dennis strictly stated several times that the division is not responsible for the recordings, therefore do not endorse their quality. So with that said, that side of the discussion should be put to bed. Next year, let's work towards getting a better recording. Folks have stud up and offered their resources in this regard. Done, and done. But the other side of this discussion is the on stage sound. That is the responsibility of the division. They sponsor the event, they choose sound engineers, who intern choose the equipment used. The goal is to raise money for the division. If we're gonna do that, it's got to be good. I suggested earlier this week that we should look in the orlando area for folks willing to donate time or equipment for a non profit fund raiser, or try to get underwriters to rent equipment. If we were any other division, such as the napub folks or the national association of blind basket weavers who wanted to put on a fun talent show, then who cares about the sound. Let's just have fun. But, we just so happen to be the performing arts division: the very organization expected to have it's ducks in a row when it comes to staging, sound, and even, wait for it, gulp, lighting. So now, fortunately or unfortunately, however you chose to look at it, the task falls squarely in our lap to put on a show that really looks and sounds great. Why? Because this is the world in which we live. Let me be very plain that I am not, nor have I from the beginning, been complaining about the state of things when it came to last year. I told you exactly what I thought from a professional perspective. So, in short, I propose the following. Might we form a committee of folks interested in helping procure sound for the talent show. If we start now, we might be able to find something worthwhile. If we are able to find a reasonable price for rental, then maybe we can present it to National. We don't have to go all out this year. It needs to build. But I do know that we definitely need a 12 to 16 channel board, 2 stage monitors, at least 3 mics, 1 on boom for piano or keyboard, 2 speaker clusters, 1 for each side of the stage, at least 1 sub, and enough wattage to fill the room. Once we know exactly what room the event will be in, I'll call the hotel, talk to their AV guy, find out what kinds of systems they've seen in there, and start gettin bids. If a store or company were to donate time for the event, they can receive a tax writeoff for it. It's great incentive. However, if we can get someone, or a group of someones to underwrite the rental, let's do it. I'll bring in an 8 channel interface, a mac, and Pro Tools and capture the whole thing as multitrack. I'll mix it, and upload it to the site. Then, the whole thing will be done in house, direct from the board, all separate tracks. That is as clear cut as I can make it. Is this something that the division is interested in putting together? Instead of bemoaning this, let's start owning this. We've got time. You're thoughts?


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