[Perform-talk] If I presided over the talent show

Brett Boyer bboyer202 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 17:40:01 UTC 2011

To be honest your criticism is getting old. I for one am glad you are not 
presiding over the talent show. I wasn't there and I don't need to be. I 
just have to read some of your posts on this list. All ladies followed by 
all men, that is not how you run a talent show. Don't tell jokes? It sounds 
like you would run a talent show right in to the ground.
Brett Boyer
Audio Production and voice over
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> Hi, it's Joshua Lester.
> If I presided over the talent show, I'd do the following.
> #1. Not tell jokes, (which is obvious.)
> #2. I'd have the ladies performing first, and the men performing last,
> (nothing like being southern gentlemen.)
> #3. I wouldn't give away so many door prizes.
> This is a talent show, not a door prize fest.
> #4. I'd make a rule, that if a person isn't going to show up, they
> shouldn't sign up, to sing.
> Lastly, #5. the performers should give their tracks to the soundman,
> before the show, so that all of the tracks can be put on one CD, that
> way the performers can get on, and off the stage, and sing, within a
> reasonable amount of time.
> Blessings, Joshua
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