[Perform-talk] The Album

Dennis Sumlin denmaster77 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 4 01:45:48 UTC 2011

Hello all.
I know that it has been a while since you have heard from the
perfoming arts office, but we have not gone away. The deadline for the
Sound In Sight Vol 2 project has came and went, and now we are in the
voting process. The month of March will be our voting month, and by
the end of the month, we will have our songs for the album. Once that
is done, a promo single will be released. There are a lot of songs to
vote on, and a lot of talent to listen to. If all goes right, we
should have the album out for the convention. The first album in four
years. While the leadership cannot discuss the particular songs yet,
we can answer questions about aspects of how we anelize songs, and
what we are looking for. We can also comment on some of the promotion
building up to the convention.
We all look forward to our first album in four years, and we look
forward to talking with the public about the album. Feel free to ask

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