[Perform-talk] a question about an alternative to the mock trial

Joshua Lester jlester8462 at students.pccua.edu
Sat Sep 24 02:56:10 UTC 2011

Hi, it's Joshua Lester.
I was thinking about something, that might be of interest to you.
I know, I should probably post this to the Faith Talk list, but I
figured I might get more information, here.
Being, that the mock trial is on a Sunday night, I think a Gospel
concert is in order, as an alternative.
So that this fits in, with the NFB, I figured I'd have a Gospel
concert, that would allow blind Gospel artists, to showcase their
I plan to contact my friends, the legendary Five Blind Boys of
Mississippi, to see if they wouldn't mind performing, at our NFB
Gospel concert.
Who would I need to contact, to share my suggestion with?
This would be a great alternative for some of us, that don't want to
attend the mock trial.
I must say, this isn't a jab against the mock trial, in any way.
I'm just saying, that if some people, (especially those of us, in the
communities of faith, that don't have a Sunday service designated for
us,) could use this concert as kind of a church service.
Thanks for the input.
Blessings, Joshua

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