[Perform-talk] This week's tcjwb on the tffp radio network: entertaining 1 listener at a time

Sarah Alawami marrie12 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 23:17:34 UTC 2011

Hello all.

If I don't oversleep  tomorrow we will be hearing a tribute for those that have fallen during the september 11 attacks in 2001.  I know it's a bit late but my computer is on the shop and I try and do this every year if I can. Info is below. Sorry about the buffering. I'm having clear which is my iso take  a look and see what's going on. If it is buffering badly I'll do a rear on friday and the archive will be up. at some point.

Take care all.

Info is below. 

place: http://listen.ultrastreams.us:8022/stream.m3u
time: monday from 9-11 pm eastern, 8-10 pm central, 7-9 mountain, and 6-8 pm Pacific

contact info
show twitter: http://twitter.com/tcjwb
station twitter: http://twitter.com/tffpradio. 
msn: tffpradio at live.com
aim: tffpradio
skype: tffpradio
If you need to contact me off air  contact me here.
or here.
See you there.

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