[Perform-talk] The Djd Invasion Has Turned Around And Is Coming Back Again

David Dunphy djdrocks4ever at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 23:40:27 UTC 2012

The Djd Invasion Is Coming Tonight, Are You Ready?

So what happens when a technological takes down a Djd Invasion show?
Well it's simple, we pick up, and try again!
Which is exactly what's going to happen tonight on Audio Access FM, ans the Djd Invasion also joins forces with the Jukebox to present a night of music you won't forget.
Listen in at 8 PM eastern as we showcase our musical variety, some Djd Invasion favorites, a rock set that will have you dancing in your chair, and of course, your requests, comments, and interactions to complete this musical picture.
Getting in touch is easy as, well...... 
Picking up the phone and calling in at 516 324 2314
Skyping in to us at
Sending your messages via aim or msn at
interact at audioaccessfm.com
Giving us the twitter tweetment at
Now if you can do that, and tune in at any time between 8 PM eastern tonight and the end of the night at either
or if you have a browser that doesn't support frames at
then you've got it made.
Hope you'll come by, and hang outt! You'll be glad you did!
>From David Dunphy

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