[Perform-talk] No Djd Invasion Last Night Means A Live Djd Invasion Tonight

David Dunphy djdrocks22180 at audioaccessfm.com
Tue Aug 14 20:07:07 UTC 2012

Hi Everyone!
I want to begin by apologizing for my show not airing last night. My pc had a mega crash, so I had to spend mega time reinstalling everything!
So now that I'm awake, I've decided you're all owed a Djd Invasion show tonight, so that's what you're going to get!
So be there tonight at 7 PM eastern to...
Hear our Judge Judy Clip of the month

Learn how you can win 200 dollars in cash from us
Hear a variety of songs
And more...
Of course, you can make your requests
By aol instant messenger or msn messenger at the address
interact at audioaccessfm.com
Via skype at
Via telephone at
516 324 2314
or via twitter at either
or audioaccessfm

So if you want your Djd Invasion fix for the week, come get it tonight between 7 and 10 PM eastern at

And register for our Press Your Luck tournament at


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