[Perform-talk] Today's tcjwb on wics radio america

Sarah Alawami marrie12 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 15:27:57 UTC 2012

I'm writing this late as I forgot to send this out last night. Oops.

Today is comity music. from an ancestor of J.S Bach and also some dr. Demento with his version of comity music. I hope you will  for those who can fill out a test application with us. If you are rejected for any reason we will state why. For example, we are not looking for that type of content at this time. Please try again later. 

Enjoy the upcoming show.

Info is below. 

Place: Http://Listen.Ultrastreams.Us:8022/Stream.M3u
time: Monday from 9-11 pm eastern, 8-10 pm central, 7-9 mountain, and 6-8 pm pacific

contact info
show twitter: Http://Twitter.Com/tcjwb
station twitter: Http://Twitter.Com/wicsradio. 

If you need to contact me off air  contact me here.
or here.
see you there.

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