[Perform-talk] Two Questions concerning Keyboards

Marion Gwizdala blind411 at verizon.net
Sun Jan 8 03:49:12 UTC 2012

Dear All,
    I am cross-posting this message to the Performing Arts & Music lists. I have two questions concerning our keyboard. We are having issues with our yamaha keyboard at church. There are times it suddenly and without provocation, increases in volume. It isn't the whole keyboard, though; that is to say, it only seems as if it is a note or two, then it returns to proper volume. Since I am not the keyboard player. I don't know (and neither does the keyboardist) if it is the same note each time it does this. Also, it seems to have pitch problems, again, without provocation, and just as mysteriously, returns to pitch. It is the strangest thing. The pitch isn't necessarily a half step or any specific interval, just very flat! We checked it with my electronic tuner. Any ideas what might cause these gremlins?
    Now, to the second question. If we need to replace the keyboard, what suggestions can you keyboard players offer? I would like something moderately priced and with authentic sounding voices. Brands, models, and price ranges would be helpful.

Thanks a bunch for all the suggestions I will receive!

Fraternally yours,
Marion Gwizdala


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