[Perform-talk] Win A Netflix Subscription And Celebrate America's Independence On The Djd Invasion Tonight

David Dunphy djdrocks4ever at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 15:31:12 UTC 2012

Hi Everyone!
If there's one Djd Invasion show you won't want to miss, it's the one airing tonight! For there will be lots of fun, a giveaway, and so much more! Read below for details!
The fourth of July is tomorrow, and The Djd Invasion is going to celebrate America's independence with an exciting and fast paced two hour program both on Audio Access FM and JayAndJayFM starting at 8 PM eastern and going through till 10PM eastern!
This evening's exciting special will include:
Songs that showcase our country or have words that symbolize the freedom we're celebrating
Reports from the NFB convention in Texas if we can get any

A giveaway of a Netflix Subscription
And A Special Guest host to help with tonight's show.
If you have any interest in being our special guest co host for tonight's show, please email me at
daviddunphy at audioaccessfm.com
The person who will make it will be the one we hear from the quickest, and our co host is automatically in the drawing to win our three month Netflix subscription giveaway! How can you win if you aren't our honored guest host? Only one way to find out, be there!

Having skype is ideal since your voice will sound the best on air, but if you can only call in by phone, that will be satisfactory.

And speaking of skype and calling in, it's important to know how you can be part of tonight's fun, right?
During the show, I can be contacted
By aol or msn messengers at the address
interact at audioaccessfm.com
Via skype at
Or via telephone by calling

So to be part of our special tonight, visit
between 8 and 10PM eastern tonight to be part of our fast paced show of fun. But the longger you're there, the greater your chances at our Netflix giveaway. What will you have to do to win? Only one way to find out, tune in, be there!
Hope to see you for our Djd Invasion special tonight!
>From David Dunphy, host of The Djd Invasion and Station Owner, Audio Access FM

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