[Perform-talk] The Listen Factor Is About To Enter Your Audio World, Learn More About This Revolution On Tonight's Djd Invasion

David Dunphy djdrocks4ever at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 16:53:39 UTC 2012

Hello Everyone!
If there's one Djd Invasion show you shouldn't miss, it's the one airing this evening. Read below for the exciting details:
With the internet being as vast a place as it is, it takes some searching and looking around to find all the different types of entertainment out there.
Want audio? You've got to look for radio stations, either by searching or finding station directories that have the genres you want.
Looking for video? Sites like Youtube or some other streaming services are what you need.
Even to find movies requires finding some cheap service online for accessing movies or taking your chances at pirating them, but that's not advisable.
Now what if there were a place where all types of entertainment could be combined to give you an experience unlike any other? A place where you could go to one channel for TV programs, another for music shows, documentaries etc, and still another one for reading, sharing, and discussing your favorite books and authors.
This was at one time a dream, now it's a reality!
As owner of Audio Access FM, I've been saying from the beginning that I've been wanting to give you a station that stretches the boundaries of sound entertainment. As the name Audio Access FM states, this station should give you access to everything that is audio. Not just a place for hearing music or talk radio. But a place that can combine all the different forms of audio entertainment out there in such a way that you have choices and lots of opportunities to hear some pretty cool programming!
A major breakthrough in that process of giving you access to everything audio has taken place, and we'll be discussing it all on tonight's very special Djd Invasion show, starting at 8 PM eastern on both Audio Access FM and ACB Radio Interactive!
Audio Access FM has helped in the creation of The Listen Factor Network. It's not part of our statin, rather we're part of this network, an extention to what we already strive to provide as a station, and yet, it's a separate place/channel from us!

What is the listen factor? What will it give you? What's it all about? And how will you benefit from it?
Learn all about The Listen Factor, including your chances to win some cool prizes provided by the network and more.
After tonight, you'll have one place where you can listen to radio, TV, movies, books and more. That place is The Listen Factor!
All of this will be covered, plus some musical selections from the pop and country genres, and of course your requests.
Such requests can be sent in by email to the address
daviddunphy at audioaccessfm.com
via aol or msn messengers to the address
interact at audioaccessfm.com
Due to the nature of tonight's show, skype calls will be limited, but you can when the opportunity comes up skype in at
tweet me at
or call up at
516 324 2314
This is going to be a major revolution in access to audio prrogramming, and we hope you'll be part of this exciting new network, while still getting what you've come to expect from Audio Access FM as a single station and more!
To hear this exciting news plus hear a good show, tonight at 8 PM eastern, visit
to tune in.
Hope to see you all there! Spread the word, you don't want to miss this exciting revolution in audio access!
>From David Dunphy, station manager, Audio Access FM

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