[Perform-talk] FS:mint 2013 Rainsong Bluegrass BG carbon fiber dreadnought a/e guitar with case...

Cameron Strife cameron at cameronstrife.com
Fri Apr 12 17:18:23 UTC 2013

Hi all.

Mint 2013 Rainsong bluegrass BG carbon fiber acoustic electric guitar
with hard case for sale... Write me off list if interested.

Bought new recently, original owner, has not been registrered with
Rainsong. It's only seen one hour of playing time and has not left my
smoke free home. It is "like new". This is the high end model and is a
pro level instrument.

I've decided I want to order a custom instrument though so someone out
there is going to get a great deal! She was $2100. I'm asking for
$1875 and that is firm. Pay pal preferred. If you'd like pics, let me


Made in the USA, uni directional carbon fiber back, sides, and top,
dreadnought body style, upgraded saddle and bridge pins, UV protective
high gloss finish on entire instrument, Fishman Prefix +t active
electronics with eq and tuner etc, two strap buttons, neck meeting at
the 12th fret, dual action trus rod, all graphite construction, is not
effected by temperature or humidity! It will never need a neck
adjustment due to the climate, will never warp or crack etc. it is
currently strung with elixir 12s and was professionally setup. She has
a big sound and handles dynamics very well. Flat picking and
fingerstyle both sound great on this guitar!

Includes nice fitted hard case with key, paperwork, and original
saddle/bridge pins.

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