[Perform-talk] {Disarmed} New list for blind teens & young adults - the Blind Social Talk list!

Donna Hill penatwork at epix.net
Thu Feb 21 16:42:25 UTC 2013

 Hi Friends,
This just showed up on the NFB of PA list, and I thought some of our younger
members might want to know about it and spread the word.

Hi all,



 My name is Desiree Oudinot, and I am writing to announce the creation
of a new listserv for blind teens and young adults. Called Blind
Social Talk, it is designed to be a safe haven for young people to
discuss the many problems we face, from dating and relationships, to
stress, fitting in with peers, student life, and many other topics, as
they relate to blindness. While it is accepted that every person goes
through some of these problems in his or her day-to-day life,
blindness can sometimes complicate these already confusing issues.
This list will serve as a mentoring service, where blind teens and
young adults can communicate with each other and share their stories,
experiences, and advice.
If you are, or know someone who falls into this category, you may send
a blank message to blind-social-talk-subscribe at yahoogroups.com
<mailto:blind-social-talk-subscribe%40yahoogroups.com>  to
join. Upon receipt of your request, you will be asked to provide a
short description of yourself and why you wish to join the list. Feel
free to pass this information along to those who you think may
benefit. If you have any questions or concerns, please write me
off-list at turtlepower17 at gmail.com <mailto:turtlepower17%40gmail.com> .


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