[Perform-talk] Upcoming book featuring teenage songwriter: I could use a minute of your time

Donna Hill penatwork at epix.net
Tue Feb 26 23:46:09 UTC 2013

Hi Friends,
My novel The Heart of Applebutter Hill (which features a 14-year-old gal who
is a shy singer-songwriter, who is losing her sight) is coming out this
spring. I'm not asking you to buy it; it will be out on Bookshare and Blio
shortly after publication. But, I could really use a minute of your time.
I'm working on my new website, trying to get it looking vibrant prior to the
book coming out. It would really help if you could go to the homepage and
comment and/or follow. You don't need to be signed in. I'm just trying to
make it look "lived in," so to speak, before the book comes out.
The book is already being used to promote Braille literacy and a better
understanding of the capabilities and the issues facing blind people. I have
pre pub endorsements from professionals in the fields of education, writing,
rehabilitation and the arts including the NFB's Robert Leslie Newman,
Deborah Kent Stein and Jerry Whittle. Last week, I visited the U of Scranton
and spoke to their education majors. I sang one of the songs from the book
and  read the first scene from Braille (I am hand Brailling it as time
permits, but will donate proceeds from the sales to get it done right).
The site is:
Again, I would really appreciate your support.
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