[Perform-talk] The Djd Invasion Is Officially Retiring From Internet Radio And The Retirement Party Is Tonight

David Dunphy internetradioentertainer at gmail.com
Sun May 11 09:31:24 UTC 2014

***Please Note***
If you got this email, it's cause you were a fan at one time of my Djd 
Invasion, which is going off the air after being on for 13 plus years. 
If it troubles you that you received this, I apologize in advance.
Hi All!
Well, the subject states it all.
Tune in at 6 PM eastern tonight for a special four hour Djd Invasion 
I have decided after a 13 plus year run to retire The Djd Invasion 
internet radio show concept.
To learn more about this, you can listen to the official announcement I 
made on audio boo about this at
So to honor the run of the invasion show, we'll be doing a 6 hour 
retirement party, four hours tonight from 6 to 10PM eastern, and a two 
hour rap up from 7 to 9 PM eastern featuring the finalists from the 
trivia event done a few weeks back competing for the 20 dollar gift card 
of their choice from either amazon or ITunes.
Tonight's party will be your chance to....
Share any Djd Invasion memories you have
Get some insight into the future. What if anything will I do to replace 
this show?
Hear the variety of different musical genres and songs that have always 
made this show special
Interact, interact, interact, oh, and did I say, interact  on and off 
air during the show with friends of the show and anyone else who might 
call in too. We'll even play a round of Press Your Luck!
And of course, with it being Mother's Day, we'll show some love to the 
mommies out there too!
And speaking of that, whether you're the proud mom of a son/daughter, 
puppy or kitty, or anything else cool like that, have a happy Mother's Day!
As has always been the case during a Djd Invasion show, you can submit 
requests or get in touch in a variety of ways, and tonight will be no 
You can get in touch via skype at
Via twitter at
or my personal twitter at
Via telephone at
516 945 9165
Or via email at
internetradioentertainer at gmail.com 
<mailto:internetradioentertainer at gmail.com>
In addition, you'll be able to search my music library for a song you'd 
like to hear by going to
So with all this in mind, come help me celebrate the retirement of the 
show that got my internet radio career launched, The Djd Invasion, and 
be excited about what the future will hold for this show.
Oh, I almost forgot, to listen either go to
and click the play link to start the stream on your mobile device or 
Go to
and click the play link to tune in with your mobile device or computer.
Or put the following into your media player of choice's location 
bar/address bar:
Regardless of how you tune in, I hope you'll come to the party tonight! 
Can't wait to see you there!
 From David Dunphy

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