[Perform-talk] Playing piano, and singing at the same time

Marissa Tejeda marissat789 at gmail.com
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Unfortunately I cannot read braille music.  I call myself a 
youtube learner.  lol
I get videos, but the person has to speak the notes.  On some 
songs, I can play them by ear.  From the videos, where the person 
plays the song, then slows it down and breaks it down, but that's 
a little harder to do.

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Hi, Marissa, it depends on what style you like to sing in.  One 
that comes to mind with it fairly simple piano part is that 
Midler's the Rose.  It also has a nice easy singing range.  Are 
you a braille music learner, or a by ear learner? There is a 
piano by ear lesson on the rose that is available; I can't 
remember the URL of The website that has it, but if you search 
for piano by ear and Bill Brown in Google, it should come up.  If 
you learn using braille music, you might try looking up some of 
the popular music lead sheets from NLS, where you can get the 
cords four songs and then do your own accompaniment style.

Hope this helps,
Terrence, also a fairly simple level piano player.

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 Hi all,

 I'm new here.  I just joined yesterday.  My name is Marissa, and 
I have a question.

 I sing, (not well, to me, but others say I am amazing), play 
piano, and play clarinet, as well as write, (but that's beside 
the point).  Someone told me that I should sing a song, while 
playing piano.  I'm a soprano, (so I am told), and I'm looking 
for a relatively easy song to play on piano, but has words.  What 
I mean by that is, I'm looking for a song that has words, but 
also has a pattern on piano, that's not too difficult.
 I'm told I can pass off as an alto, so that may expand the 

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