[Perform-Talk] New List Member - A Bit About Myself

Roger R. Cusson rrc at ime.net
Thu Sep 24 15:36:30 UTC 2015



Greetings NFB Performing Arts Division Types,


This is Roger Cusson. I became a member of the PAD, back in July.


I played drums for the concert during Friday's National Convention. If that
does not ring a bell, sorry.


I am glad to be on the list. I work as a computer access specialist for the
state of Maine's blind rehab services division, play drums for three
Christian contemporary music bands, and have worked in the recording
engineering industry since 1987.


I look forward to reading more excellent posts, the first newsletter was
awesome, and the best of luck to the new PAD board.







Roger R. Cusson
Computer Access Specialist
Seeing Hands Enterprises - Lisbon, Maine
Website:  <http://www.rogercusson.com> http://www.rogercusson.com

TEL: (207) 353-5007
Skype Contact: rcusson


A quote to live by:
"Any program that works perfectly, simply hasn't been tested properly!"





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