[Perform-Talk] New List Member - A Bit About Myself

Roger R. Cusson rrc at ime.net
Thu Sep 24 16:47:57 UTC 2015



Greetings Michelle/Rob,


Thanks for the warm welcome to the PAD List serve. Michelle, I would sure
like to try to get something together for Washington Seminar. It was so fun
to have the opportunity to play drums for the Rhythm of the Movement
concert, I would like to see if we could generate enough interest to do
something like that again, either for WS2016 or National Convention 2016.


I am so looking forward to hearing from, and meeting all of the various
singer/musician/artist types from this list. I am looking forward to helping
out the PAD, in any way possible.


I am not a real Musician, I am simply a Drummer, LOL.


Do we happen to have any Recording Engineer or live sound technician types
on this list?


I do live sound reinforcement, and studio engineering, and wish to see if
there are any other knob turning, fader sliding audio tweaking  folks out


I am listening to the 2015 talent show, as I write this.







Roger R. Cusson
Computer Access Specialist
Seeing Hands Enterprises - Lisbon, Maine
Website:  <http://www.rogercusson.com> http://www.rogercusson.com

TEL: (207) 353-5007
Skype Contact: rcusson


A quote to live by:
"Any program that works perfectly, simply hasn't been tested properly!"





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