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Tue Aug 2 15:05:19 UTC 2016

As to choreography—along with physical guidance for dance, I have also recorded verbal instruction, usually from nearby peers or even close friends in other voice parts who work with me during off hours, as we put together pieces requiring movement—it’s a great tool for the off-times, for practice. I also write down the instruction, so I can use it during group rehearsals until I’ve got it down.

Adding to the excellent advice already given about stage presence—I’ve gotten some invaluable help from working, both  individually and as a group member, with a conductor/accompanist. Though the entire choir, excepting me of course, is sighted, she instructs us to look out at the audience (since my eye contact is about nil, I just slowly turn my head, pause, continue turning it a bit, pause, etc, so that my face, at least, looks like I’m addressing all the sections of the audience), to slightly bow at the end of the piece, to smile where appropriate, etc. As an individual, I’ve learned from her to slightly nod when I want her to continue at the original tempo of the piece after a change in tempo or to resume the accompaniment after a pause; she’s also given me feedback when my gestures differ from what is normally done, by demonstrating while allowing me to follow her movements—first showing me how I do them, then following up with showing me a better rendering.

Good luck in your choral adventures—keep us posted!

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