[Perform-Talk] Selling Yamaha Allegro Clarinet

Kaiti Shelton crazy4clarinet104 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 04:23:48 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I am hoping to sell my Yamaha Allegro B-flat clarinet.  It is an
intermediate level instrument (wood so a huge step up from plastic,
but not a professional model).  It has been well cared for and
maintained, and is about 9 years old (but has been a back-up and not
played as much for the past year and a half).  Asking price is about
half of what my family paid for it, at $800.  More details are below.

*silver keys.
*Comes in a hard case.  Will need to look into a gig bag for it but
the hard case is in excellent condition with velvet interior lining.
(I recommend gig bags by AudioPro-I use them and love it).
*Has had one incident of cracking due to weather changes in December
2012, but was professionally repaired with no further problems.
*No other previous owners.
*Great for students learning mechanics and basics of producing a good
sound.  Tone can be nice when played well but not overblown by a more
experienced player, and action from keys is responsive.
*Instrument stand and bonade inverted ligature included, will need to
supply your own mouthpiece for what should be obvious health reasons.
  *Will take the clarinet to be checked by a technician, and will
replace pads and corks in disrepair prior to sale.
*Any additional accessories (cork grease, unopened reeds, a 4-section
reed guard) in the case can also be included in the sale if wished.

Please share with any students who might be interested.  Most decent
plastic instruments sell for about $600 or so, so this could be a
great, not terribly expensive investment for a player thinking about
pursuing music more seriously without commiting to a Buffet or other
similar professional model yet.  Please email kaiti.shelton at gmail.com
with further questions or comments, as this address is used  to
collect list serve messages.

kaiti.shelton at Gmail.com
Kaiti Shelton

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