[Perform-Talk] Help Wanted From Current And Potential Broadcasters To Create Something Special

David Dunphy internetradioentertainer at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 01:18:44 UTC 2016

Do you ever get that warm feeling inside when you are part of a
creation? Meaning that your ideas helped to shape something special?
That because of insight you gave, something really awesome happened?

If you get that satisfaction from helping others, then please read on.

After being away from doing so for awhile, some friends and I have
decided we want to take on the challenge of launching a radio station
We know there are many choices for entertainment out there, but we
believe we can make the landscape better!
Since I gave up Audio Access FM, I've always wanted to do a station
again, but decided that I needed to take some time, do some thinking,
and really figure out what would work.
We have some ideas now, but would like your help. We want this to be a
station that you help build, so it becomes part of your world as much
as it does ours. We want you to keep coming back for more.
If you could spare a few minutes, and take a very brief 8 question
survey to help us grow our station idea into a station reality, we'd
be most greatful.
The survey can be found at
All your survey responses will be read from top to bottom, no matter
if we get 1 or 200 of them. We are not Comcast asking for your
feedback. We are serious about having you help us, your station
creators, be part of the creation process with us!
Only fill this out if you plan on being helpful, constructive, and
want to see a new option for entertainment be available to you.
Thank you for your time!
>From David And Friends

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