[Perform-Talk] The Diversity Controversy

Rob Kaiser rcubfank at sbcglobal.net
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I think it is going to take a while before any of thise things happen. A lot of people still don't think much about a blind person's abilities. This is where we as Federationists have to come in & educate the public. It will take some time, but I do believe all of your questions will be yes in unfortunately, due time. 

Rob Kaiser
rcubfank at sbcglobal.net

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Hi all,
  I’m sure some of us on this list watched the   Oscars last night and if not probably have heard much around the topic of diversity  in  Hollywood (or lack there of).
 One can easily say that there  is no shortage of truly talented actors, directors, producers, etc in the entertainment business and that their talents are not confined to the packaging it may be presented in.
 In other words, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and much of anything else doesn’t make the performer.
 Do you think that Blindness is represented at all? fairly? If you don’t think it is, do you believe there will be a time that Blindness is represented fairly? What do you think will need to be done to see that a blind person wins an academy award or a grammy or whatever award recognizes them at the pinnacle of their craft? ?  Do you think there will be a time that a blind person will be recognized for their ability and considered amazing because of their  natural talent?

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