[Perform-Talk] The Welcome To Colorado Djd Invasion Show Is Happening Tonight

David Dunphy discoduck221 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 23 22:40:34 UTC 2016

Hi All!
Are you ready for some Djd Invasion Sunday night magic? Ready for
music to make you dance? Ready for some rock, pop, country and more?
Are you ready to experience for the first time or the hundredth time a
Djd Invasion show? Will the internet hold up for it to happen?

Find out all on KJSC Radio, as the special Djd Invasion show takes to
the sky at 8 PM eastern (7 PM central, 6 PM mountain, 5 PM pacific).
I'm finally settled in Colorado, and thought it was time to do a show
to celebrate that, help me relax some, and most importantly, have fun
and entertain.

During the show, you can make requests by going to

Skype with us at
or call us at
To listen you can
Access the tunein page via your browser at
Search for Tunein in the app store then look for
KJSC Radio
or tune in at

Regardless of how you tune in, I hope you'll enjoy the first Djd
Invasion show ever to air in Colorado, as I try to make the weekend
leaving us not seem so bad with some good music and fun.
All the best,
David Dunphy

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