[Perform-Talk] FS:mint SE electronics reflection filter pro...

Cameron Strife cameron at cameronstrife.com
Tue Jan 3 01:32:48 UTC 2017

Hi everyone. If interested, please write me off list at:
cameron at cameronstrife.com

This is a stand mounted reflection filter you can use for many
different applications... Recording voiceovers, practicing or
recording singing, you can use it in front of a guitar amp or acoustic
instrument etc to help isolate it during the recording process...

It is very easy to mount to any sturdy microphone stand, easy to
store, easy to transport etc.

I just bought this for $250 and realized that it won't work for this
space. I have the original box etc. Instead of paying to ship it back
and paying a restocking fee, I figured I'd list it here first in case
anybody was interested...

Pay pal only.



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