[Perform-Talk] internet radio questions

Amy Sabo amieelsabo at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 03:31:17 UTC 2017

hello all,

well, I posted this question a few months ago to the perform-talk list
and, I got no response to this question so, i'm also posting it to
this list again and, also to the nabs-l list too!

so, here's my question which I will post again... a few months ago I
was traveling with my parents in their rental car and, they had I
heart radio playing in their rental car. I had heard it from some of
you on these lists but, I unfortunately don't have iPhone since
besides my blindness I have  rare syndrome which makes me unable to
use a iPhone. so, here's my question for those of you out there in
radio land... is i heart radio accessible to use on the web and is it
free? or do i have to purchase it in the iTunes store which i do use
for listening to my music on my laptop? if it's free what is the web
site for it? i was just curious that's all and, would like some
feednback before i sign up for it!

thanks again all for your help and, hopefully someone can help me out
on signing up for this service.


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