[Perform-Talk] elections and stuff

Amy Sabo amieelsabo at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 03:50:19 UTC 2017

hello all,
I hope that you sall are doing well this evening and, that you are all
doing well. I know that I posted this question in august about the
events of the division on what happened at convention this year and, I
got no response.. and, there hasn't been nothing about this topic from
any of the board members or members who were t convention to report
about it! so, i'm going to post it again what the events of the
division at convention like the business meeting and the fund raisers
if any of them were successful at all?

also, I was also wondering on the leadership of the division. nothing
was mentioned in the august/September or October braille monitor about
the elections of the division. so, is the board still the same or has
any of the board changed in the leadership roles? if the people who
are still in the same positions have they changed or the same? I only
know the president, vp, secretary and one board member only from this
list. so, can any of the leaders of the board comment on this?

thanks again and, I hope to hear from someone in the board or the
leadership of the division to comment and make this list a good one
for discussion!

hugs always,

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